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Last four years ago  I was in PTC sites. Every Paid to Click sites I saw, I registered and enrolled and everyday I performed my daily tasks by viewing ads to earn extra income while I don't have any illustration projects. But due to ignorance of how I can earn here, after 3 months I quit and stopped doing the tasks.

Just a month ago I visited again the PTCs I registered, some of my accounts were suspended due to my irregularities and not active. Some are still working and now decided to come back here and reactivate my accounts.

In the forums, I've read some successful members.. I was amazed with some members that enrolled 2014 backward are earning hundreds and even thousand dollars a day on this sites by just maintaining their referrals... Direct or Rented ( this is the secret ) to be successful in this business. By maintaining them with a correct method and procedures. I have learned also that active referrals should extend them to the maximum days so you can earn an average of 1.3 of ROI.( return of investment) and change the referrals that are not active in 5 to 7 days viewing their ads.

So to earn stable income in the comfort of my home I will be active again on these sites and be focus on everyday tasks, Viewing ads of the Advertisers of PTCs every day, The simplest way to earn extra income online.

If you wish to register in trusted and legit PTC sites here are the sites you can trust on... And to get more Direct Referrals visit this site.


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