Welcome!...This is my personal  art blog site...currently in the process of developing topics about Art Relevance, Online Marketing, Affiliates and about Money Matters or any other topics that could interest you to come back here. Maybe you can find the solutions of your problem or inquiry specially Health tips.

I'll be posting also updated Artworks using any mediums if my mood in paintings activity, activates again. For awhile, I'm still busy promoting this site to attract more readers or followers to be a regular visitors of my updated topics in my blog. I am also in the process of developing my passion in online which in Internet Marketing and very eager to learn about entrepreneurship and to help others achieve their goal about money online.

My first Children's Book project that I have done 8 years ago,..( My Firs Income Online) published and sell to Amazon.

Entitled "Late for the Race"...This was written by the author Gail J. Landers and now is in Kindle edition.

This is a story about a young boy, named Andrew, who finds himself caught between helping a new friend and obeying his mother. Andrew’s determination, compassion, and creativity bring about a winning solution.

If you wish to buy this book, to have copy with my name written on the cover, pls. visit the link...

==> Late for the Race by: Gail J. Landers <== Google it if you wish...

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