How To Become An Illustrator

lizzie_day_camp1To become an illustrator is a long process... It will take time and patience to master it. First you have a passion doing this as a profession and you are enjoying to do it. Constant practice must be apply to perfect your drawings.

"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough" ( Don't know the author ) But I remember,  this is the quote I have written on illustration board and hanged it on wall in my bedroom when I was in high school.

This is my story...

I was five years old when I got interested in drawing. I was not enrolled in any kinder school yet but fond of sketching on pavements, walls using chalk or any stuff that could be used in writing. When I went to school as first grader, I was seven years old then, my teacher noticed me I was always sketching on my notebooks. Sometimes my other teachers form other subjects, scolded me for not writing a lesson instead my notebooks were full of drawings. I did not stop…I followed my heart and continue my desire to become an illustrator.

My interest in drawings became part of my daily life specially when I was on my high school days. I got interested in drawing human figures, everything I saw and imagined, I sketch and draw using different mediums.. There’s no internet yet at that time. I was always in Library searching for art books and artists. I was so impressed with the works of the masters like Michael Angelo, Leonardo Davinci, Raphael and other well known local painters like Fernando Amorsolo, Botong Francisco, Juan Luna and others.

My passion in arts was developed with my constant practice and  continued to go on…until now.

And the rest is history...


This is not my video ....but inspired me so much upon viewing it...maybe this will inspired you too to paint more... I can't help myself to watch every video of his paintings and I want it to share his style and technique how he paint every piece he created...really Amazing!

Pls. watch Bob Ross...

Or you may want to Learn Photoshop?…Just Click the images below

There are some books that I could recommend to you how to improve your drawings and master what you desire specially in human figures. These books will help you to become professional with this field even you don't know how to draw but very interested to become an illustrator someday.

You can try this book How to Sketch  if you want  to learn the basic.

But if you know already the basic and you want to improve more about your passion, try some books that will enrich your talent like How to Draw Realistic Portraits in just 4 weeks or in a month. This Ebook can also viewed into your mobile whenever you are to master your desire as a professional artist/ illustrator.

Again here is the book How to Draw Realistic in just 4 Weeks.

In figurative drawing you can draw any positions perfectly even without a model by constant practice the way I do.

From eyes, nose, lips, head down to hands, torso, legs and feet. this book is a guide to master it.

You can also view this to your mobile, the book of Secret Soft Figure Drawings

How about doing some caricature? Caricature drawing is fun to learn...

Try this one... Learn to Draw Caricature

Maybe you want to improve more your artworks by upgrading to paintings on canvas.

Here is the book I proudly recommend to you my beloved, aspiring artists and art enthusiasts.

Oil Painting Lessons  from master artist teacher, Andre Grobler

Thanks for reading...I do hope someday you will be a professional artist/ illustrator/painter in the future by trying these books.

If you want to learn how to color your pencil sketches to Photoshop, Watch the video here.

Before you comment, here are my pencil sketches I am doing before going to my  coloring works in digital.

Your comments are welcome!





anatomy_1 baltog_-small

char-design-1_small char-design-2_small

human-figure_small magayon_small-01







sketch-01_small-2 superman-sketch


These are all for now..I'll update more if I found all my sketches in my stored junk files that I have done long before since I started to sketch. you can comment if you wish and I'll be happy to answer you.

You may visit my previous blog if you wish to see more sample of my works.

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