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I am a freelancer Artist and illustrator of children’s books from different sites. Presently learning to be a painter using any mediums. I am self taught artist from the start. I studied Architecture in Aquinas University Legazpi, reached fifth year college but did not use my profession as an Architect because I did not took board exam for that course due to my pending thesis in my Architectural Design V subject and due to financial problem during my studies.

With my effort to develop this Art Blog and help new and emerging artists with their styles and branding, marketing and sales of their artworks online.  I have created this Art Blog to help Art enthusiasts or inspired them to continue their dreams to become professional artist in the future.

It is my intention to create any post of art articles of interest to serious artists in this section of my personal website. Hopefully, these articles will provide artists with information and materials which can help the artist further their artistic aspirations and their professional art careers.

This Art Blog is intended to help artists in the general business of art, with emphasis on art marketing, social networking and art branding of the artist’s artwork.  If there are any articles or subject matter that you would like to see addressed or covered in the Blog section.

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